Packages on the Doorstep

Can I get a count for all of those who don’t like getting a package at their front door? Anyone.. anyone….? I didn’t think so. I happen to be someone who LOVES getting nice little (or big.. I don’t discriminate) packages on the doorstep. I check the door every dya even if I am not expecting anything. I guess I am just hope-hope-hoping that I will somehow get an out of the blue package.

I get especially antsy when I KNOW I ordered something. Even when I can track the shipping and know exactly when it will arrive, I check the front door every day.. just in case. A couple months ago I ordered 2 pairs of bright shorts from the GAP to replace my turquoise shorts that are getting a little old and worn out.

I ordered 2 colors because I wasn’t sure which one I would like more, and if I ordered over $50 I could get free shipping. I just planned on returning the ones I decided not to keep at the store with no problems. If you read my blog, you can probably guess which ones I decided to keep! I wear them all the time and I love how comfortable and durable they are.

Here I am in our backyard on the day I received the shorts in the mail. That’s another habit I have. When I get new things, I like to wear them right away!!


What’s your favorite thing to get on the doorstep?

Cherish today!


Stuck @ the Airport

I’m en route from DFW to Portland, ME where there are next to no flights per day. In my normal early fashion, we left our house at 8:10am for my 10am flight. I live about five minutes from the airport J. I have a serious panic attack if I am not SUPER early for my flights. Oh, and I also got drop off service thanks to my husband.  After a flight delay from DFW to New York for my layover, I arrived in a rush worried that I wouldn’t make my flight. My flight ended up being delayed and on top of that they were looking for volunteers to be bumped for $600 + meal vouchers to get on a flight leaving 6 hours later. $100/hour? I can manage that!

Long story short, I have a lot of time to blog, so maybe I will prepare some posts for this week while I sip on my free iced coffee and revel in the fact that I am getting paid to wait for a flight that my work originally paid for anyways. It’s like a bonus.

Fortunately I already got my exercise in for the day, but I think I could take a pretty long walk around the airport for some extra movement.  Oh, and I LOVE people watching. What better place to do that than in one of New York’s airports?

What’s so interesting about airports, is that no matter who you are and what kind of “status” you have in life.. you typically have to get your stuff examined, wait in lines, wait in your gate area, use questionable public bathrooms, wait for your flight, get overwhelmed by the overhead announcements, eat mediocre airport food, wait for your flight, watch your flight get delayed, and wait some more. It’s a common experience for most (other than the extremely rich and famous who charter their own planes). And it can sometimes spark conversation with someone you wouldn’t normally talk too.

Well, I suppose that is enough rambling for one post. Hope ya’ll had a good weekend! Let’s hope my luggage is at the airport when I arrive late this evening.


Cherish today!


Fit Fridays – 5th Edition

Back on the blog for fit Fridays! I’ve been enjoying the lack of studying and hanging out with Craig before I leave for Maine on Sunday. I got in lots of workouts this week but most felt mediocre until today. Here’s the round up.

  • Saturday – bike ride to and from the gym (about 12 miles), step class, Jen’s 10-1 workout
  • Sunday – test day for group fitness certification, lots of working out for the practical portion. IN the evening I squeezed in 2.7mi run, 0.9 mi walk
  • Monday – step class + 3.5 mi run + 20 min weights
  • Tuesday – 30 min elliptical + 20 min swim
  • Wednesday – 1 hour elliptical + 20 min swim
  • Thursday – 1 hour bike ride
  • Friday – 7.3 mile run + 3 mile bike ride + 15 min weights

Okay, after typing out the workouts, I think I may have given myself a bit of a hard time about my workouts being mediocre. Instead of a weekly workout, here are a few pics of my new running shoes – Brooks Ghost 4. They were on sale because the Ghost 5 is now the current model.

I’ve needed new running shoes for a while now. I’ve always run in stability shoes, Asics Keyanos, which are pretty rigid.  Typically I’d stay with the same pair but almost 2 years ago I suffered some foot injuries and 2 podiatrists + 2 physical therapists later I think I would be better suited with a neutral/cushioned shoe. Neutral/cushioned shoes are typically for people with high arches and who supinate. I definitely have high arches, so I decided to give these a try. So far, I like them. I am trying to get adjusted to the bouncy cushiony feeling as well as the less stiff feel when I run.



Here I am.. happy, post run on Sunday! Um… a little thing I love? The fact that this hat has my name on it!



I don’t have a great workout of the week this time but I do highly recommend the 10-1 workout I mentioned above.

Hope ya’ll have a good weekend!

Cherish today,


Birthday Recap – Better late than never!

Well, my high hopes of posting my birthday happenings last week didn’t quite pan out! I was busy busy last week adding on responsibilities at work and getting prepped for the AFAA certification I took today (and hopefully passed). My birthday was filled with goodies so I didn’t want to miss giving an update.


First up, Craig surprised me with a very very blueberry Central Market muffin for breakfast. I had this alongside my free Starbucks birthday drink (iced coconut coffee, my summer staple). My sister ALSO brought me the same muffin on Friday last week and apparently I was too busy scarfing both of them down that I never snapped a pic. This muffin comes highly recommended for special occasions. It’s super dense so the health benefits are nil.

I also got in a 5.4 mile run and Jen’s 10-1 workout. It’s a kicker and it only takes 8-10 minutes to complete. Came home from my run to a package at the door! I LOVE packages. Seriously, I check the front door every day even when I know we haven’t ordered anything.



Craig put the package on the doorstep since he knows how much I love checking. He got me a pair of Merrell barefoot shoes (made for running, but I’ll just wear them for general walking, around town, etc. for now).

After work, Craig and I met up with my parents at a sandwich shop I’ve been wanting to try in Arlington. It’s called Social Bakehouse Café. I drive past it all the time and thought it would be delicious. I’d say the Panini I chose was okay (nothing compared to my fave Panini from Corner Bakery), but my mom had a coupon for a free dessert and it took the cake for sure! I chose Italian crème cake and they sliced a HUGE piece for us to share. (Cake in front, sandwich in back of this pic).  

I was also greeted with this lovely present set. Leave it to my mom to get super creative with gift cards! I love the wrapping. There was even a certain order for me to open them in. Gift cards were starbucks (as my dad said, “so I can keep my gold status”), iTunes, Yogurtland (best.fro.yo.ever.), and LuLuLemon. My parents also gave me a foam roller.

After dinner, we headed over to the fro yo place for a second dessert (good thing we shared the cake). Frozen yogurt is my current sweets weakness. It’s bad.. Favorite flavor combo is coconut yogurt with mochis, coconut, almonds, sprinkles, oreos, and a side of healthy.. well not exactly… At least I exercise!

Headed to the GAP for a goofy photo shoot before calling it a night. I used to wear crazy socks and we reminisced about it at dinner so we had to get it into the pics. I had a fun birthday and appreciate my parents and Craig for making it special!


Cherish today!


It’s My Special Day!

Today is my BIRTHDAY! And while I am celebrating my birthday week (our family tradition), there is something particularly special about my actual birthday. I’ve always liked treats… can you tell?

I had a religion teacher in high school who always told us on our birthday to thank our parents for having us. My parents really wanted us to feel celebrated on our birthdays each year and supported us in everything we did growing up, and I don’t thank them enough.  I am glad that my mom and dad chose life and chose to have me.  Thanks mom and dad!

 Here are a few birthday memories from when I was younger. Enjoy!

It’s hard to see this picture, but it is one of my strongest birthday memories, so I had to share. Since my birthday is in the summer it seemed like we were always on vacation. Not just any vacation, always a camping vacation.. which meant dinner options were a little limited. Well, I had quite the affinity for English muffin pizzas and my mom always seemed to make it work on the grill. Here we are in the tiny Texas town of Dumas stuffing our tiny little mouths with English muffin pizza. Side note: we were also presented with pins proclaiming “I’m a ding-dong-dolly from Dumas”.  Can’t get much better than that.

And how about this for fun? I love presents!!! At least, I’m pretty sure that’s what I am proclaiming in this photo.

Not much changed when I left home. I still spent several birthdays away from home and I will never forget my 21st birthday in Africa! The girls I travelled with made it extra special by baking a cake (a seriously challenging feat with frequent electricity outages and an oven that hadn’t been used in years).

And yes, that tiny cake was split amongst all 11 of us!

What are your strongest birthday memories? Hopefully I will be back tomorrow with a recap of my birthday fun!

Cherish today!


The Beginning of my 26th Birthday Week!

I am turning 26 this Tuesday, and in our family we celebrate birthdays all week long with what we like to call “Birthday Weeks”.

When we were kids, birthday weeks typically consisted of not having to do any chores. We had a job chart each week (my mom is super organized), so for the week of our birthday we didn’t end up with our name on the job chart. You can probably imagine that as a child that was pretty awesome.

Our parents also let us pick out fun activities to do throughout the week. We would go to breakfast with my mom or dad (typically to Grandy’s for biscuits and gravy.. oh the memories). Sometimes we would play mini golf at Putt-Putt, or go swimming (for the summer birthday kids). I have three sisters and I am pretty sure we all LIVED for our birthday weeks!

Well, my wonderful husband has continued the tradition of birthday weeks, and my birthday week started out today. I’ve been joking around with him and telling him that I found his hiding place for my presents. He kept asking me where I found these presents, and we went back and forth and at one point I told him I found them hiding in the garden (just being goofy). This afternoon he said we needed to pick some of our delicious sunburst (yellow) tomatoes before we left the house, and I went out there and found my first present!

I have been searching for a Texas Rangers David Murphy shirt that is blue, and he found the perfect one. It’s even one of those super soft vintage style t-shirts which I also love. I am super impressed that he found one and excited to go to another game to wear it. Go Rangers!



Then Craig dropped me off at Starbucks to enjoy an iced coffee while I study for my group fitness instructor test that’s coming up next weekend. I find studying @ Starbucks by myself to be really enjoyable (nerd?) and nostalgic.  I guess it reminds me of college. I like to spread out all my stuff like I own the place.


We ended the night with fajita bowls for dinner (tomatoes, zucchini, black beans, rice, chicken, onions, & peppers) and a nice evening bike ride with temps in the mid 80s, nice and cool for this time of year in Texas. More birthday week fun to come I’m sure! Hope ya’ll had a good weekend.


Cherish today!


Fit Fridays – 4th Edition

Yikes! I have definitely not been keeping up with the blog this week. This week I have been super busy at work because I am taking on some additional responsibilities, I prepared and presented a speech for my toastmasters group, and I studied every night.  Fortunately, Craig made dinner a couple of nights and helped do things around the house to make it a little easier on me.

My workouts this week were a bit lackluster, probably as a result of being tired and busy but at least I got most of them in J.

  • Saturday – 12 mile bike ride + step class (biked to and from the gym)
  • Sunday – 25 mile bike ride
  • Monday – tabata workout + step class
  • Tuesday – 50 minutes on elliptical + 2 mile walk
  • Wednesday – 3.6 mile run + random cardio around the house
  • Thursday – rest
  • Friday – 30 min elliptical + 100s quickie (below)

This week’s workout is a quick one inspired by my busy schedule. It only took me about 15 minutes to get through it so if you are short on time, this workout is for you.

OH! And we have been enjoying FRUIT out of our garden. Craig picked something like 25 or 30 cantaloupe from the church garden and we just cut into our first watermelon.  SO GOOD. There is just something that tastes better about homegrown produce.

Hope ya’ll have a good weekend.  We are helping at a retreat this weekend for engaged couples in our area.  

Cherish today!



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